The "Four Tenors" In Concert?

From Bob Dolfi
From The Lanza Legend
Fall Edition 1998

Below is the actual letter that was written to the Rudas Organization which handles the "Three Tenors" and all their appearances. This letter not only represented many, many months of hard work, but lots of sleepless nights and hours upon hours of computer time invested. Our comment follows the letter
The Three Tenors
C/O The Rudas organization
Dear Mr. Rudas,
Three of the most exquisite tenor voices that the world has ever known joined on the same stage. A remarkable event. An evening some said could never be topped. But what if, for one glorious night, a fourth tenor could be added? A tenor who has been the inspiration of countless millions. A tenor who inspired even "The Three Tenors." An irreplaceable voice, presence, and image recreated in a way never before seen.
Presenting in Concert, for the first time: The Four Tenors: Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and the late Mario Lanza. The "Four Tenors" concert would be designed and produced in much the same way as the world renowned Three Tenors concerts with each individual artist featured both in solo, duet, and trio. Late in the evening, however, something unexpected transforms this theatrical experience for the audience.
As Mr. Carreras, Mr. Domingo and Mr. Pavarotti begin to sing the Ave Maria, for example, the strains of a fourth voice emerge in the mix. At first, it is a barley audible voice in the distance but it gradually increases. The unmistakable voice is, of course, Mario Lanza.
Suddenly, upstage center, the sight of Mario Lanza appears in a holographic image. As the image's clarity intensifies, the voice grows stronger. As the voice reaches crescendo, the famous Three Tenors stop and turn towards the image that could only be a dream.
True talent never yields in the presence of greatness. For it is often the combination of such talent which creates the rare moments of musical perfection. But on this occasion, as these performers turn to gaze on the three dimensional image of Mario Lanza, they respectfully surrender the stage.
After Mario Lanza completes the Ave Maria, and the image thanks the audience, Mario Lanza invites Mr. Domingo over to join him on the stage . At the close of their number, Mr. Carreras will be invited over in a similar fashion, followed by Mr. that each Tenor has the opportunity to share the stage with the great Mario Lanza. Following these duets, the Four Tenors will perform one selection together. Four of the greatest voices in music history, providing a theatrical event that the audience will never forget.
At the close of the number each of the performers will take their collective and individual bows. At the conclusion of Mario Lanza's individual bow, however, his image will slowly begin to fade. As the other tenors watch, the great voice will leave them just as he came. The voice, the image, the great Mario Lanza will leave us again, all too soon.
The technology exists to create this astonishing theatrical experience. Never before, however, has such a scientific marvel been combined with a live performance. Indeed, the music world has never experienced such a marriage of technological innovation, visual entertainment and musical brilliance. This unprecedented event can be accomplished through holographic imaging derived from existing film footage of Mario Lanza. Furthermore, through digital computer technology, new sequences can be created allowing the image of Mario Lanza literally to deliver a new performance.
A new concert of this magnitude will undoubtedly require a great deal of work, particularly in the scheduling of your three clients. As you may know, Mr. Pavarotti has already spoken with one of our representatives, Simona Viciani, regarding this concert. Mr. Robert Dolfi also spoke with Mr. Pavarotti's manager in New York, who by the way, received this proposal with great enthusiasm.
I look forward speaking with you regarding this exciting opportunity and what promises to be one of opera's most memorably evenings
Damon Lanza
Unfortunately this project never came to fruition. We have reluctantly decided to forgo this venture with CMG, and pursue another project with a different management group, which we will not divulge at the moment. All we can say is: It would have been great.