Revealing Mario Lanza
Speech Reversals

By Robert Hampton

Note - Reverse Speech is the profound discovery of Australian-born researcher David John Oates which reveals that while humans are speaking forward to each other, they are simultaneously speaking in reverse. Reverse Speech is created by the subconscious mind and reflects that individual's genuine inner truth as he or she knows it. Reversals occur in English or any native language being used, and occur on average once every 5-10 seconds. They are clearly recognizable when a person's forward speech is recorded and then played backwards.
Reversals always relate either contextually or metaphorically to the subject being discussed in the forward speech. Reversals are NOT simply created by forward spoken words played backwards, but are formed by the sounds the voice makes during forward speech. For a more detailed explanation of this revolutionary discovery, and over 3,500 recorded examples of reverse speech that you can listen to online, please visit
Recently, I played a home tape recording of Mario during one of my programs. Bob Hampton recorded the broadcast and then did Reverse Speech of Mario's forward statements. Here is what Bob found. - Jeff
I couldn't help but jump at the chance. Jeff was playing a segment of a tape on his 12-18-98 radio program that the great Mario Lanza recorded at home sometime in the very early 1950's on his first home tape recorder.
I recorded the segment of the program of Mario's speaking from Jeff's RealAudio Archives accessible through his website. I then began doing reverse speech analysis of what Mario was saying...and the very first clear reversal I found was fascinating.
These were some of the first words spoken by the great singer as he tried to figure out how to use the tape recorder.
Forward, Mario says:
"How close to be to the mike? That's what I don't know."
And backwards he says:
"I know John Oates there."
My gosh! John Oates?! Our David John Oates?? I was so excited on this cold Michigan Saturday afternoon, I was beside myself. Who could I tell about this? David, of course! So, I called David on his cell phone, interrupting him in the middle of a presentation in Phoenix, Arizona.
"Hello, Bob? Is that you? said the voice on the other end of the phone.
"Yes, David, uhh... I think I just interrupted you, didn't I?"...sensing 'Mr. Reverse Speech' was rather busy at the moment of my call.
He replied, "Well, I'm in the middle of a presentation in Phoenix, mate. Are you ok?"
Well, I greatly appreciated David's concern, and said, "Yeah, I'm ok, but I am doing a reversal on a Mario Lanza home tape from the 1950's... and... uhh.. David, you won't believe what I heard on the very first reversal!"
"What, Bob?"
"Well, Mario is apparently trying to figure out how to use the recording and forward he says something like, 'How close to be to the mike? That's what I don't know.', and backwards he says, 'I know John Oates there.!!'"
"Oh yeah, Frank Sinatra mentions me in his song 'New York, New York'. He says 'David John Oates' in reverse! Yeah, I seem to be in the universal collective consciousness, Bob!" (The universal consciousness has no time or space limitations and reverse speech commonly reflects this mind-boggling fact).
"Wow...", I replied.
As we ended the short, but validating conversation, I said to myself, "Wait till Jeff hears this!"
So, I emailed Jeff first thing the following week. I asked if Terry Robinson, whom he had interviewed on his SIGHTINGS radio show when he played the tape excerpt, and who was Mario's closest friend, was aware if Mr. Lanza knew a person by the name of 'John Oates' in his life? Jeff said he didn't know and would ask Terry.
(Time for a side-bar here. Though David is usually referred to as 'Oates', or 'David John Oates' in reversals... another famous talk show host said 'John Oates' in a reversal in his famous 'I'm leaving radio' announcement... so there is precedent for David being referred to as 'John Oates' in reverse speech.)
Now this brings us to the other reversals I found in Mario's home tape...potentially very sad reversals from one who, by most accounts, died of a broken spirit.
In speaking with his daughter, Colleen, on this home tape, you can hear the obvious love and affection he has for her... but in reverse, a sad picture of how the man's soul was crying out for peace seems to emerge.
As he talks to baby Colleen during the tape, he asks her the universal parent-to-child question: "How much do love me?" She answers, "A million!"
In his fatherly, kidding way, he responds:
"What? That's all you love me?"
But backwards, in reverse, he says:
"Probably, know Lazarus now."
Then,forward, he says:
"You mean to tell me..."
and backwards he says:
"Let me in Lazarus... me weep."
That's twice he uses the metaphor "Lazarus"!
What might that mean?
Lazarus, not an uncommon metaphor in reverse speech analysis, seems to mean "reborn... coming into the Light" etc.
Was Mario's soul already expressing a great need to find peace, refuge, or light in the magic and love of his first born child? When he looks at her and talks to her, is he longing for the innocenct happy, Golden Days of childhood? To be free of the great torment that is already to much a part of his life?
Even though he, of course, knew his daughter loved him, was Mario weeping inside because so much of his world was already threatening to collapse in on him as it related to his conflicts with the studio (and possibly his turbulent domestic life?)
Here are the clearest Mario reversals in this particular tape....
Forward: That's what I don't know.
Reverse: I know John Oates there.
Forward: What? That's all you love me?
Reverse: Probably, know lazarus now.
Forward: You mean to tell me...
Reverse: Let me in weep.
Forward: It will only take a second.
Reverse: The guests are gettin' annoyed.
Forward: Thank you, my public.
Reverse: Our family in here.
In case you feel like dismissing Reverse Speech as being 'coincidence', or some kind of trick of the ear, I urge you to go to and listen to some of the thousands of incredible reverse speech recordings. In each case, you'll hear the forward speech segment and then the reversal contained within three speeds: normal, a bit slower, and the slowest. They are astonishing to hear. Hope you can listen to some of them. You'll understand the significance of Mario's reversals even more.
Robert Hampton