Special Collector's LIMITED Editions!

The Man Who Taught The World To Sing

The Inimitable, Incomparable, Legendary...

The purpose of the CDs has always been to get the Lanza voice and booklets into as many hands as possible.  To try to further achieve that and to hopefully encourage the use of the CDs as gifts, I am lowering the price dramatically to only $9.95 per CD.  Further, any 15 CDs may be purchased for only $95.  This will assist me with new CD projects while enabling further and more extensive distribution of the most wonderful singing voice of them all.  All CDs come with their booklets, of course. Overseas shipping will remain $11 for three CDs and THIRTY DOLLARS for the bundle of 15.


... gloriously remastered, each with beautiful accompanying booklet 
with many rare photos & complete liner notes by Derek Mannering

Each CD With Booklet $8.95
$6 s/h for Priority Mail (only) - US

3 CD Set With Booklets For Only $19.95 + $6 s/h

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